4.2. Downloading Files from Debian Mirrors

To find the nearest (and thus probably the fastest) mirror, see the list of Debian mirrors.

When downloading files from a Debian mirror, be sure to download the files in binary mode, not text or automatic mode.

4.2.1. Where to Find Installation Images

The installation images are located on each Debian mirror in the directory debian/dists/sarge/main/installer-m68k/current/images/ — the MANIFEST lists each image and its purpose. Choosing a Kernel

Some m68k subarchs have a choice of kernels to install. In general we recommend trying the most recent version first. If your subarch or machine needs to use a 2.2.x kernel, make sure you choose one of the images that supports 2.2.x kernels (see the MANIFEST).

All of the m68k images for use with 2.2.x kernels, require the kernel parameter ramdisk_size=13000 .