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Release Notes for Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (`sarge'), Motorola 680x0
Chapter 3 - New installations

The old Debian GNU/Linux installation system called boot-floppies has been replaced by a new componentized and more powerful installation system called debian-installer.

The installer offers a variety of installation methods. Which methods are available to install your system depends on your architecture.

If you are making a new installation of Debian, you should read the Installation Guide, which is available on the Official CD at:


or on the Internet from the sarge release pages. You may also want to check the errata for debian-installer.

Depending on the subarchitecture, installation may be possible using either a 2.2.25 kernel or a 2.4.27 kernel or both. For mac the 2.2.25 kernel is preferred, for other subarchitectures the 2.4.27 kernel.

There currently is no support for atari partitions in partman, the component used in debian-installer to partition and format disks. This means this step has to be performed manually. For further information please see the Installation Guide.

3.1 Popularity contest

For technical reasons the popularity-contest package is no longer installed by default for new sarge installations. This will probably be corrected in future releases.

popularity-contest provides the Debian project with valuable information on which packages in the distribution are actually used. This information is used mainly to decide the order in which packages are included on installation CD-ROMs, but is also often consulted by Debian developers in deciding whether or not to adopt a package that no longer has a maintainer.

Information from popularity-contest is processed anonymously. We would appreciate it if you install the package and allow it to participate in the official survey; you will thereby help improve Debian.

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Release Notes for Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (`sarge'), Motorola 680x0

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