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Packages in slink(2.1) only .

cup (contrib) (0.10g-2)
LALR parser generator for Java(tm)
debian-keyring (contrib) (1999.02.06)
PGP and GnuPG keys of Debian Developers
geomview-contrib (contrib) (
modules for geomview
gmp3 (contrib) (0.074a-4)
A graphical frontend to mpg123 (plays MP3 audio files)
icq-java (contrib) (0.3.1)
Popular online communication software (installer)
ilu-javadev (contrib) (
Java specific development files for ILU.
jde (contrib) (2.1.1-4)
Java Development Environment for Emacs or XEmacs.
jlex (contrib) (1.2.3-5)
A Lex-style lexical analyser generator for Java
kali (contrib) (3.1-1)
draw tilings, frieze patterns, etc.
libchmsql-mysql (contrib) (1.0.1-1)
C library for debug,CGI,HTML,SQL,time conversion...
licq (contrib) (0.44-4)
ICQ clone using the QT libraries
mxmaps (contrib) (1.0-2)
some raster and vector maps for Mayko xmap
netscape-base-4 (contrib) (5)
Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (base support)
php3-cgi-msql (contrib) (1:3.0.5-1)
Msql module for PHP3 (cgi)
php3-msql (contrib) (1:3.0.5-1)
Msql module for PHP3 (apache)
plugger (contrib) (2.2-1)
Netscape Mime Plug-in
qps (contrib) (1.4.4-1)
Qt based process status monitor
tya (contrib) (1.1v3-3)
JIT-compiler for Java
uvscan (contrib) (3-3)
McAfee Virusscan for Linux (installer package)
wnn6 (contrib) (2.20-9)
Japanese input system (installer)
x11iraf (contrib) (1.1-2)
X utilities for IRAF
xswallow (contrib) (1.0.11-3)
Netscape plug-in to allow any X program to be used as an inline viewer