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Packages in hamm(2.0) only which are replaced by a package in slink(2.1).

gdk-imlib-nonfree-dev (contrib) (1.3-3) (replaced by gdk-imlib-dev (main) in slink)
Headers to compile programs with gdk_imlib
gdk-imlib-nonfree1 (contrib) (1.3-3) (replaced by gdk-imlib1 (main) in slink)
image drawing complement to gdk with gif support
imlib-nonfree-dev (contrib) (1.3-3) (replaced by imlib-dev (main) in slink)
necessary headers for Imlib development, linked with giflib
imlib-nonfree1 (contrib) (1.3-3) (replaced by imlib1 (main) in slink)
Imlib is an image library for X