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Packages in hamm(2.0) only .

doom-musserver (contrib) (1.0-7)
Music server for doom
gstep-xdps (contrib) (
The GNUstep GUI X/DPS Backend
gstep-xdps-dev (contrib) (
Header files and static libraries for the GNUstep GUI X/DPS
gstep-xdps-examples (contrib) (
Example GNUstep applications using the X/DPS backend
kdebase (contrib) (2:980312-8)
KDE core applications
kdegames (contrib) (2:980310-3)
KDE games collection
kdegraphics (contrib) (2:980312-3)
KDE collection of graphics programs.
kdelibs0g (contrib) (2:980312-5)
KDE core libraries (runtime files)
kdelibs0g-dev (contrib) (2:980312-5)
KDE core libraries (development files)
kdemultimedia (contrib) (2:980331-1)
KDE multimedia package
kdenetwork (contrib) (2:980328-1)
KDE mail and news clients
kdeutils (contrib) (2:980312-6)
collection of useful kde utilities
kpppload (contrib) (1.01-5)
Xload for PPP connections, with transfer rates and totals.
metro-motif-aout (contrib) (2.0-2)
MetroLink Motif 2.0 a.out library (installer)
metro-motif-man (contrib) (2.0-2)
MetroLink Motif 2.0 manpages (installer)
pppload (contrib) (1.0-5)
Xload for PPP connections.