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Packages in both slink(2.1) and hamm(2.0) with no version change.

abuse-sfx (non-free) (2.00-4)
Sound effects for Abuse
amp (non-free) (0.7.6-1)
The Audio MPEG Player
angband (non-free) (283-3)
A single-player, text-based, dungeon simulation
arabtex (non-free) (3.06-2)
Arabic/Hebrew macros for TeX/LaTeX
axe (non-free) (6.1.2-6.3)
An editor for X.
bigloo (non-free) (1.9c-2)
A Scheme Compiler
biss-awt (non-free) (0.87-1)
a Java GUI application programming framework
btoa (non-free) (5.2.1-4)
Convert binary to ascii and vice versa
calctool (non-free) (2.4.9-10)
An X window version of the popular Sun calculator.
chimera (non-free) (1.70p0-1)
X11 World-Wide Web Client
chktex (non-free) (1.05-1)
Finds typographic errors in LaTeX
circus (non-free) (0.43-1)
irc client for X with many features
dmalloc (non-free) (3.3.1-3)
Debug memory allocation library
dungeon (non-free) (2.52-5)
predecessor of Zork
dvi2tty (non-free) (5.1-9)
Previewing dvi-files on text-only devices.
echo-linux (non-free) (1998.03-2)
French on-line magazine "L'Echo de Linux"
epan (non-free) (1.3.1-1)
offline ethernet protocol analyzer
ezmlm-src (non-free) (0.53-3)
easy-to-use high-speed mailing list manager for qmail (source)
figfonts (non-free) (2.2-3)
User contributed fonts for figlet
figfonts-cjk (non-free) (2.2-3)
Chinese-Japanese-Korean fonts for figlet
freefont (non-free) (0.10-8)
Freeware font selection for X11
html2latex (non-free) (0.9c-6)
Convert HTML markup to LaTeX markup
ines (non-free) (0.7-3)
Freeware NES emulator
inform (non-free) (6.14-4)
A compiler for adventure games.
inform-docs (non-free) (6.14-4)
Supplementary documentation for inform
libforms-bin (non-free) (0.88.1-2)
Support binaries for the XForms widget library
libforms-dev (non-free) (0.88.1-2)
Header files and static libraries for the XForms widget library
libforms-doc (non-free) (0.88-2)
Documentation for the XForms graphical interface library
libforms0.86 (non-free) (0.86-3)
The XForms graphical interface widget library (libc5 version)
libforms0.86-altdev (non-free) (0.86-3)
Development files for the XForms widget library (libc5 version)
libforms0.88 (non-free) (0.88.1-2)
The XForms graphical interface widget library
libgd-perl (non-free) (1.18-2)
Perl gif-manipulation module module GD.pm
libmagick4-lzw-dev (non-free) (4.0.4-3)
Image manipulation library (non-free version) -- development
libmagick4g-lzw (non-free) (4.0.4-3)
Image manipulation library (non-free version).
libmsql2 (non-free) (2.0.3-5)
MiniSQL library [libc6]
majordomo (non-free) (1.94.4-6)
The majordomo mailing list manager
mcvert (non-free) (2.16-4)
Tool to deal with specially encoded Macintosh files.
mmm (non-free) (0.40-2)
WWW browser implemented in Objective Caml
mosaic (non-free) (2.7b5-8)
Graphical WWW browser
mp3asm (non-free) (0.01-1)
MP3 diagnostic tool
mp3info (non-free) (0.2.9-1)
MPEG audio layer header info decoder
msql (non-free) (2.0.3-5)
MiniSQL clients
msql-doc (non-free) (2.0.3-5)
Docuentation for mSQL
msqld (non-free) (2.0.3-5)
MiniSQL engine
mysql-manual (non-free) (0.95-1-1)
MySQL Manual in HTML format
ocaml (non-free) (1.05-2)
ML language implementation with a class-based object system.
ocamltk (non-free) (41-1)
Objective Caml library for the Tk graphics
oonsoo (non-free) (1.1-7)
Solitaire card game for x11.
optimizer (non-free) (0.0.9f-1)
Assembler Code optimizer for MMX, PPro and Pentium
picasm (non-free) (1.5-2.1)
Assember for the Microchip PIC-family Microcontrollers
pine-docs (non-free) (1998-02-15-2)
Pine user guide and getting started.
quake2-dm (non-free) (3.13-1)
id's deathmatch maps and skins for Quake 2
rat (non-free) (3.0.23-1)
RAT - unicast and multicast audio conferencing tool
rel (non-free) (1.3-3)
Determines relevance of text documents to a set of keywords.
rsynth (non-free) (2.0-2)
Text to speech program
serialmail-src (non-free) (0.72-3)
tools for passing mail across serial links (source)
sharefont (non-free) (0.10-7)
Shareware font selection for X11
sniffit (non-free) (0.3.5-3)
packet sniffer and monitoring tool
snns-doc (non-free) (4.1-3.1)
Users manual for SNNS.
spim (non-free) (6.1-3)
MIPS R2000/R3000 emulator
stella (non-free) (0.7-2)
Stella/XStella Atari 2600 Emulator
tkgofer (non-free) (2.0-1)
GUI-extended Haskell-like language interpreter
tkman (non-free) (2.0.6-3)
A graphical, hypertext, manual page browser.
tracker (non-free) (4.3-8)
plays Amiga MOD files
ucbmpeg (non-free) (1r2-6)
MPEG video encoder and analysis tools
unarj (non-free) (2.41a-6)
arj unarchive utility
unzip (non-free) (5.32-1)
De-archiver for .zip files
w3-msql (non-free) (2.0.3-5)
Integration of mSQL and the World Wide Web
wwwtable (non-free) (1.3-3)
A Perl script that facilitates the production of HTML tables
xacc-smotif (non-free) (1.0.17-1)
A personal finance tracking program.
xautolock (non-free) (pl11-2)
Start a program if the X window is idle for some time
xearth (non-free) (1.0-13)
Show a rotating earth on your X root window
xmikmod (non-free) (0.01B-5)
X version of the mikmod player
xpacman (non-free) (0.11-5.1)
Basic Pacman
xsnow (non-free) (1.40-5)
Brings Christmas to your desktop
xsqlmenu (non-free) (2.03c-2)
X interface to MiniSQL databases
xtoolplaces (non-free) (1.6-3)
Save current desktop state
xwpick (non-free) (2.20-5)
Grab an X11-screen and store in files
zip (non-free) (2.20-2)
Archiver for .zip files