E.2. 帮助本文档

对于本文档,如果您有问题或者建议,该提交关于 installation-guide 包的 bug 报告。参见 reportbug 包或者阅读 Debian Bug Tracking System 的在线文档。良好的习惯是先检查 关于 debian-installer-manual 处于 open 状态的 bug,了解您遇到的问题是否已经被其他人报告。如果有,您可以提供确认或者帮助信息到 , 其中 XXXX 代表已报告的 bug 号码。

Better yet, get a copy of the DocBook source for this document, and produce patches against it. The DocBook source can be found at the installation-guide project on salsa. If you're not familiar with DocBook, don't worry: there is a simple cheatsheet in the manuals directory that will get you started. It's like html, but oriented towards the meaning of the text rather than the presentation. Patches submitted to the debian-boot mailing list (see below) are welcomed. For instructions on how to check out the sources via git, see README from the source root directory.

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