E.3. Major Contributions

This document was originally written by Bruce Perens, Sven Rudolph, Igor Grobman, James Treacy, and Adam Di Carlo. Sebastian Ley wrote the Installation Howto.

Miroslav Kuře has documented a lot of the new functionality in Sarge's debian-installer. Frans Pop was the main editor and release manager during the Etch, Lenny and Squeeze releases.

Many, many Debian users and developers contributed to this document. Particular note must be made of Michael Schmitz (m68k support), Frank Neumann (original author of the Amiga install manual), Arto Astala, Eric Delaunay/Ben Collins (SPARC information), Tapio Lehtonen, and Stéphane Bortzmeyer for numerous edits and text. We have to thank Pascal Le Bail for useful information about booting from USB memory sticks.

Extremely helpful text and information was found in Jim Mintha's HOWTO for network booting (no URL available), the Debian FAQ, the Linux/m68k FAQ, the Linux for SPARC Processors FAQ, the Linux/Alpha FAQ, amongst others. The maintainers of these freely available and rich sources of information must be recognized.

The section on chrooted installations in this manual (Section D.3, “Installing Debian GNU/Linux from a Unix/Linux System”) was derived in part from documents copyright Karsten M. Self.