D.1. Linux Devices

In Linux various special files can be found under the directory /dev. These files are called device files and behave unlike ordinary files. The most common types of device files are for block devices and character devices. These files are an interface to the actual driver (part of the Linux kernel) which in turn accesses the hardware. Another, less common, type of device file is the named pipe. The most important device files are listed in the tables below.

sda First hard disk
sdb Second hard disk
sda1 First partition of the first hard disk
sdb7 Seventh partition of the second hard disk

sr0 First CD-ROM
sr1 Second CD-ROM

ttyS0 Serial port 0, COM1 under MS-DOS
ttyS1 Serial port 1, COM2 under MS-DOS
psaux PS/2 mouse device
gpmdata Pseudo device, repeater data from GPM (mouse) daemon

cdrom Symbolic link to the CD-ROM drive
mouse Symbolic link to the mouse device file

null Anything written to this device will disappear
zero One can endlessly read zeros out of this device