2.1. Tuetut laitteet

Debian does not impose hardware requirements beyond the requirements of the Linux or kFreeBSD kernel and the GNU tool-sets. Therefore, any architecture or platform to which the Linux or kFreeBSD kernel, libc, gcc, etc. have been ported, and for which a Debian port exists, can run Debian. Please refer to the Ports pages at http://www.debian.org/ports/s390/ for more details on S/390 architecture systems which have been tested with Debian GNU/Linux.

Tässä luvussa ei kerrota kaikkia laitealustan S/390 tuettuja laitteistokokoonpanoja, vaan kerrotaan yleisempää tietoa ja annetaan viitteet joista lisätietoa löytyy.

2.1.1. Tuetut laitealustat

Debianin GNU/Linux versio 7.0 tukee yhtätoista suoritinperhettä ja kunkin suoritinperheen useaa suoritinmallia.

Suoritinperhe Nimi Debianissa Suoritinarkkitehtuuri Malli
Intel x86-koneet i386    
AMD64 & Intel 64 amd64    
ARM armel Intel IOP32x iop32x
Intel IXP4xx ixp4xx
Marvell Kirkwood kirkwood
Marvell Orion orion5x
Versatile versatile
ARM with hardware FPU armhf Freescale mx5
Intel IA-64 ia64    
MIPS (big endian) mips SGI IP22 (Indy/Indigo 2) r4k-ip22
SGI IP32 (O2) r5k-ip32
MIPS Malta (32 bit) 4kc-malta
MIPS Malta (64 bit) 5kc-malta
MIPS (little endian) mipsel Cobalt cobalt
MIPS Malta (32 bit) 4kc-malta
MIPS Malta (64 bit) 5kc-malta
IBM/Motorola PowerPC powerpc PowerMac pmac
PReP prep
Sun SPARC sparc sun4u sparc64
IBM S/390 s390 IPL VM-lukijalta ja DASD:ltä generic
IPL nauhalta tape
64bit IBM S/390 s390x IPL VM-lukijalta ja DASD:ltä generic
IPL nauhalta tape

Debian GNU/kFreeBSD 7.0 supports two architectures.

Suoritinperhe Nimi Debianissa
Intel x86-koneet kfreebsd-i386
AMD64 & Intel 64 kfreebsd-amd64

This document covers installation for the S/390 architecture using the Linux kernel. If you are looking for information on any of the other Debian-supported architectures take a look at the Debian-Ports pages.

2.1.2. zSeries and System z machine types

Since Debian Squeeze, support for booting in ESA/390 mode was dropped. Your machine needs to support the z/Architecture, 64-bit support is mandatory. The userland of the s390 port is still compiled for ESA/390, though. All zSeries and System z hardware is fully supported. S/390 support software is included from the kernel 3.1 development stream. The most current information about IBM's Linux support can be found at the Linux on System z® page on developerWorks.

2.1.3. PAV and HyperPAV

PAV and HyperPAV are supported transparently, multipathing is not needed to take advantage of these storage system features. Be sure to configure the devices during DASD device selection. The alias devices will not be offered neither for formatting, partitioning nor direct use.

2.1.4. Moniprosessorijärjestelmät

Multiprocessor support — also called symmetric multiprocessing or SMP — is available for this architecture. Having multiple processors in a computer was originally only an issue for high-end server systems but has become quite common in recent years even for rather low-end desktop computers and laptops with the introduction of so called multi-core processors. These contain two or more processor units, called cores, in one physical chip.

The standard Debian 7.0 kernel image has been compiled with SMP support. It is also usable on non-SMP systems without problems.

2.1.5. Verkkolaitteet

Almost any network interface card (NIC) supported by the Linux kernel should also be supported by the installation system; drivers should normally be loaded automatically.

Tuettujen verkkolaitteiden luettelo on:

  • Kanavalta kanavalle (CTC) ja ESCON-yhteydet (oikea tai emuloitu)

  • OSA-2 Token Ring/Ethernet ja OSA-Express Fast Ethernet (ei-QDIO)

  • OSA-Express QDIO-toimintatilassa, HiperSockets ja Guest-LANs

2.1.6. Oheislaitteet ja muu laitteisto

Pakettien asennus XPRAM:sta tai nauhalta ei ole tuettu tässä laitteistossa. Kaikkien asennettavaksi haluttavien pakettien on oltava käytettävissä DASD:llä tai verkon kautta protokollia NFS, HTTP tai FTP käyttäen.