Debian GNU/Linux 3.0
Installation Documentation Index

Installation Manual - Installation instructions for the Debian GNU/Linux system.

Please read this before you begin, especially if you are new to Linux. These manuals are designed to get you started quickly by explaining things you could not possibly already know without previous experience with Linux and with the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. It will save you hours of frustration if you begin here and patiently read the fine manual from cover to cover.

Also available in PDF and plain text.

The cfdisk and fdisk manuals.

These explain how to use the Linux cfdisk and fdisk disk partitioning software. The installer program will start cfdisk for you if you need to repartition your disk. You will only need fdisk if cfdisk doesn't work for some reason.

Upgrade Information and Release Notes

What has changed since the last release, and detailed information on how to upgrade from a previous release to this release.

Also available in plain text.

dselect Beginner's Guide - Software package management tool instructions.

dselect is a tool used for selecting and deselecting which software packages you would like to have installed on your computer. It takes a little bit of fore-knowledge to use it confidently the first time you encounter it face to face. This is recommended reading.

Also available in plain text.

Translated Documentation

On the Internet, links to translated installation documentation are at http://www.debian.org/releases/woody/installmanual.

Online Documentation available at www.debian.org

Here you will find World Wide Web links to more information than will fit on a CD-ROM. It's more than anyone can read in a month!

PDF documents may be viewed with one of many PDF viewers, run apt-get install pdf-viewer to see a list of available alternatives. Please read these documents on your computer whenever possible, rather than printing them. PDF documents are searchable and many have a clickable table of contents. The typesetting is publication quality. Save trees! Electrons recycle much more readily than paper products.