Debian Security Advisory

DSA-882-1 openssl095 -- cryptographic weakness

Date Reported:
04 Nov 2005
Affected Packages:
Security database references:
In Mitre's CVE dictionary: CVE-2005-2969.
More information:

Yutaka Oiwa discovered a vulnerability in the Open Secure Socket Layer (OpenSSL) library that can allow an attacker to perform active protocol-version rollback attacks that could lead to the use of the weaker SSL 2.0 protocol even though both ends support SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0.

The following matrix explains which version in which distribution has this problem corrected.

  oldstable (woody) stable (sarge) unstable (sid)
openssl 0.9.6c-2.woody.8 0.9.7e-3sarge1 0.9.8-3
openssl094 0.9.4-6.woody.4 n/a n/a
openssl095 0.9.5a-6.woody.6 n/a n/a
openssl096 n/a 0.9.6m-1sarge1 n/a
openssl097 n/a n/a 0.9.7g-5

We recommend that you upgrade your libssl packages.

Fixed in:

Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 (woody)

Intel IA-32:
Motorola 680x0:
Big endian MIPS:
Little endian MIPS:
Sun Sparc:

MD5 checksums of the listed files are available in the original advisory.