Debian Security Advisory

DSA-1607-1 iceweasel -- several vulnerabilities

Date Reported:
11 Jul 2008
Affected Packages:
Security database references:
In Mitre's CVE dictionary: CVE-2008-2798, CVE-2008-2799, CVE-2008-2800, CVE-2008-2801, CVE-2008-2802, CVE-2008-2803, CVE-2008-2805, CVE-2008-2807, CVE-2008-2808, CVE-2008-2809, CVE-2008-2811.
More information:

Several remote vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Iceweasel webbrowser, an unbranded version of the Firefox browser. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project identifies the following problems:

  • CVE-2008-2798

    Devon Hubbard, Jesse Ruderman and Martijn Wargers discovered crashes in the layout engine, which might allow the execution of arbitrary code.

  • CVE-2008-2799

    Igor Bukanov, Jesse Ruderman and Gary Kwong discovered crashes in the Javascript engine, which might allow the execution of arbitrary code.

  • CVE-2008-2800

    "moz_bug_r_a4" discovered several cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

  • CVE-2008-2801

    Collin Jackson and Adam Barth discovered that Javascript code could be executed in the context of signed JAR archives.

  • CVE-2008-2802

    "moz_bug_r_a4" discovered that XUL documents can escalate privileges by accessing the pre-compiled "fastload" file.

  • CVE-2008-2803

    "moz_bug_r_a4" discovered that missing input sanitising in the mozIJSSubScriptLoader.loadSubScript() function could lead to the execution of arbitrary code. Iceweasel itself is not affected, but some addons are.

  • CVE-2008-2805

    Claudio Santambrogio discovered that missing access validation in DOM parsing allows malicious web sites to force the browser to upload local files to the server, which could lead to information disclosure.

  • CVE-2008-2807

    Daniel Glazman discovered that a programming error in the code for parsing .properties files could lead to memory content being exposed to addons, which could lead to information disclosure.

  • CVE-2008-2808

    Masahiro Yamada discovered that file URLS in directory listings were insufficiently escaped.

  • CVE-2008-2809

    John G. Myers, Frank Benkstein and Nils Toedtmann discovered that alternate names on self-signed certificates were handled insufficiently, which could lead to spoofings secure connections.

  • CVE-2008-2811

    Greg McManus discovered a crash in the block reflow code, which might allow the execution of arbitrary code.

For the stable distribution (etch), these problems have been fixed in version

Iceweasel from the unstable distribution (sid) links dynamically against the xulrunner library.

We recommend that you upgrade your iceweasel package.

Fixed in:

Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (etch)

Architecture-independent component:
HP Precision:
Intel IA-32:
Intel IA-64:
Big-endian MIPS:
Little-endian MIPS:
IBM S/390:
Sun Sparc:

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