Debian Security Advisory

DSA-3476-1 postgresql-9.4 -- security update

Date Reported:
13 Feb 2016
Affected Packages:
Security database references:
In Mitre's CVE dictionary: CVE-2016-0766, CVE-2016-0773.
More information:

Several vulnerabilities have been found in PostgreSQL-9.4, a SQL database system.

  • CVE-2016-0766

    A privilege escalation vulnerability for users of PL/Java was discovered. Certain custom configuration settings (GUCs) for PL/Java will now be modifiable only by the database superuser to mitigate this issue.

  • CVE-2016-0773

    Tom Lane and Greg Stark discovered a flaw in the way PostgreSQL processes specially crafted regular expressions. Very large character ranges in bracket expressions could cause infinite loops or memory overwrites. A remote attacker can exploit this flaw to cause a denial of service or, potentially, to execute arbitrary code.

For the stable distribution (jessie), these problems have been fixed in version 9.4.6-0+deb8u1.

We recommend that you upgrade your postgresql-9.4 packages.