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DSA-4830-1 flatpak -- 安全更新

在 Mitre's CVE 的目錄中: CVE-2021-21261.

Simon McVittie 在flatpak門戶服務中發現了一個bug,它允許沙盒應用程序在主機系統上執行任意代碼(沙盒逃脫)。

The Flatpak portal D-Bus service (flatpak-portal, also known by its D-Bus service name org.freedesktop.portal.Flatpak) allows apps in a Flatpak sandbox to launch their own subprocesses in a new sandbox instance, either with the same security settings as the caller or with more restrictive security settings. For example, this is used in Flatpak-packaged web browsers such as Chromium to launch subprocesses that will process untrusted web content, and give those subprocesses a more restrictive sandbox than the browser itself。

In vulnerable versions, the Flatpak portal service passes caller-specified environment variables to non-sandboxed processes on the host system, and in particular to the flatpak run command that is used to launch the new sandbox instance. A malicious or compromised Flatpak app could set environment variables that are trusted by the flatpak run command, and use them to execute arbitrary code that is not in a sandbox。

在穩定版(buster)中,此問題已被修復於版本 1.2.5-0+deb10u2。

我們建議您升級您的 flatpak 套件。

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