IT, Nimbus Hookah Lounge, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

We employ one workstation for inventory/financial management (including payroll), and one server (web, DNS, e-mail), both running Debian GNU/Linux lenny. Our workstation is a simple setup using the Xfce desktop with GNU Cash and some other proprietary financial software. The server runs Apache, MySQL, PHP, MyDNS-ng, Postfix, Courier, ISPConfig, b2evolution, and Squirrelmail.

We chose Debian for its rock-solid stability, ease of installation and configuration, and awesome ability to not only run on old, second-hand hardware, but to turn that hardware into powerful production machines perfect for our needs. We also like Debian's Social Contract. None of the other options were as successful in this implementation. Thank you Debian GNU/Linux for the freedom and flexibility! Truly the Universal Operating System.