Red Sucker Lake School, Canada

The school has 75 workstations (20 more on the way), most running Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze. The school has two productions servers running Lenny. One is a GNU/Linux terminal server for the computer lab and the other is a NTP/file/database/apt-cacher-ng/DNS/DHCP/HTTP server. The students install Debian Squeeze on a variety of machines for learning to set up desktops and servers. They use netinstalls and now have a preseed.cfg for automatic installations by PXE. Students and parents bring machines in to have Debian GNU/Linux installed.

We chose Debian GNU/Linux because of the huge repository and the APT packaging system which lighten our load immensely. A year ago we were running XP but had endless malware problems even with multiple firewalls and anti-virus scanning-on-access. Students and staff appreciate the performance of Debian GNU/Linux even on old PCs. The parallel booting process is amazing. The extreme flexibility of Debian GNU/Linux is the perfect answer to most of our problems with IT. It allows us to get the best performance from our hardware. Thanks, Debian.