Centro de información i Animación Juvenil de Xirivella, Valencia, Spain

We are an animation and information center for young people, we have set up a computer room for everyone use. We have our own email server, we offer in addition to Internet connectivity, web hosting for all our users and we also do basic Linux training for everyone who wants to join.

Our computer room has 8 computers running Debian woody and 2 more which are destined to perform administrative tasks as firewalling, proxying, NIS, NFS, DHCP, printing, databases, DNS, email, and web serving.

When I was told to set this computer room, I had my ideas clear about it, as a Debian user, I believe it is one of the distributions which follow the Linux spirit, besides offering a lot of packaged software. The other distributions I've tried always have been disorganized and a headache, it's painful for users like me to find the things in their right place, I've always avoided the use of graphical tools to set the optimal configurations, besides the annoying updating system which are almost automatic in Debian, then the choice was clear to me.