The debian-volatile Project

debian-volatile for end users

The debian-volatile project has been discontinued with the Debian Squeeze release. See this announcement for details.

What is debian-volatile?

Some packages aim at fast moving targets, such as spam filtering and virus scanning, and even when using updated data patterns, they do not really work for the full time of a stable release. The main goal of volatile is allowing system administrators to update their systems in a nice, consistent way, without getting the drawbacks of using unstable, even without getting the drawbacks for the selected packages. So debian-volatile will only contain changes to stable programs that are necessary to keep them functional.

What is debian-volatile/sloppy?

For packages in the volatile section of the debian-volatile archive, we try to ensure that newer versions do not introduce functional changes or require the administrator to modify the configuration file.


The official archive of debian-volatile has been archived on

The integration into the main archive happened with Squeeze. Please see the announcement for details on how to switch to squeeze-updates.