Amaya Rodrigo Sastre

Amaya Rodrigo Sastre Διεύθυνση:

Πόσο καιρό χρησιμοποιείτε το Debian;

Since October 1998

Είστε προγραμματιστής του Debian;


Σε ποιούς τομείς του Debian εμπλέκεστε;

Packaging: maintaining my packages QA: testing and running latest experimental Debian releases. Evangelizing: I was in a way responsible for the Spanish government (among others) to choose to use Debian. I keep looking for good prospective DD. I want more women in Debian.

Τι σας έκανε να ενδιαφερθείτε να δουλέψετε με το Debian;

I must confess I was encouraged by the guys... Santiago Vila and Héctor García. I never thought I'd be up to it until they showed an interest to sponsor me.

Έχετε οποιεσδήποτε συμβουλές για γυναίκες που ενδιαφέρονται να εμπλακούν περισσότερο με το Debian;

Be yourself. Take it with a grain of salt. Stay focused on your goals. Debian is a great community. I wouldn't want to give anyone a hard time. I enjoy being a DD a lot. It's a fulfilling experience. Go for it.

Συμμετέχετε με άλλες γυναίκες σε κάποιες ομάδες τεχνολογίας; Σε ποιες;

It's something I have always wanted to do. I started a women oriented mailing list for the Spanish speaking some years ago. It was a huge failure ;-( Nowadays I am involved with: Systers; Women and Free Software (Spanish local effort). (Mujeresred-softwarelibre)

Πείτε λίγα παραπάνω για σας...

I was supposed to be an English teacher. Or a technical translator. Free Software gave me a chance to change my destiny, grow up as a person, find new goals and motivations.