Notícias do Projeto Debian - Índice de 2011

Aqui estão as edições anteriores recentes das Notícias do Projeto Debian.

14 Dez 2011 sun-java6 removed, bits from the DPL, India mini-DebConf report, new mirror in El Salvador, bug squashing party marathon
04 Nov 2011 Updated Debian Lenny and Squeeze, DebConf12 dates, Emdebian uses, New Member process
19 Set 2011 Debian's 18th birthday, bits from the DPL, Debian BSP at MIT, Squeeze backports for X
15 Ago 2011 Debian named Best Linux Distribution of 2011, Bits from the Release Team, Debian GNU/kFreeBSD improvements, FreedomBox activities at DebCon11, New
25 Jul 2011 Happy Birthday Linux, Community Distribution Patent Policy FAQ, Bits from the Release Team, Multiarch in Debian unstable
24 Jun 2011 Upcoming Debian update: 6.0.2, New IRC Training Sessions, Planet Debian Derivatives, Graphical installer for Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
08 Jun 2011 LinuxTag 2011, new hardware support for stable, Alioth migration, new mirrors
17 Mai 2011 DebConf10 Final Report, DNS security extensions, Build it event report, why attend DebConf, making testing user-oriented
02 Mai 2011 Bits from the DPL, recent and upcoming Linux kernel changes, Debian Project mourns the loss of Adrian von Bidder
18 Abr 2011 Kicking off Wheezy, registrations and contributions for DebConf11, FTP Master meeting
28 Mar 2011 Updated Debian: 6.0.1 released, Debian Derivative Exchange project launched, bits from the Debian Installer Team
14 Mar 2011 O projeto Debian ganha prêmios, a Debian é denominada a distribuição GNU/Linux mais importante, feliz aniversário, FSFE!
28 Fev 2011 Lançado o Debian 6.0 Squeeze, novo layout e notícias relacionadas ao site web, backports para o Squeeze mais fáceis para os usuários
31 Jan 2011 Debian 6.0 Squeeze to be released this weekend, join the DebConf team, bits from the Security Team
14 Jan 2011 Debian Squeeze in Deep freeze, Debian-Installer RC1, machine-readable format for debian/copyright files

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