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2014. ápr. 14. Results of the DPL elections, debsources stats, reports from Mini-DebConf Barcelona, CAcert removed from Debian, discussion of a fully functional RTC/VoIP client for Jessie
2014. már. 31. Debian Installer Jessie Alpha 1 released, Indian federal state of Tamil Nadu adopts Debian derivative BOSS GNU/Linux as official OS, rebuild of the Debian archive with Clang, BeagleBoard shifts to Debian
2014. már. 17. The Supercomputing and Visualization Center of Madrid provides a Debian VPS service, DebConf, past and future, upcoming votes in the Debian Project: DPL elections and a code of conduct, bits from the DPL, bits from the Security Team
2014. már. 03. Debian Technical Committee chooses systemd, Debian selected for Google Summer of Code 2014, DebConf14 organising team needs your help to raise funds, Barcelona Debian Women mini-DebConf
2014. feb. 10. Call for projects and mentors for Debian GSoC 2014, bits from the Release Team, reports from recent Debian Sprints
2014. jan. 27. Bits from the DPL, Debian France online shop open, Valve games for Debian Members and Maintainers, Debian real-time communication
2014. jan. 06. SteamOS, a game oriented Debian derivative, mini-DebConf in Phnom Penh, mini-DebConf in Barcelona, Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament to use Debian for email encryption, an automatic list of Debian contributors, bits from the DPL, bits from the Release Team
2013. dec. 02. Bits from the Release team, a new member for the Technical Committee, Alioth is back, reports from November mini DebConfs, bits from the Debian Med team
2013. nov. 13. Bits from the DPL, a new service to help in making Debian bootstrappable, Mips64el porter box available, last days to donate to Debian Outreach Program for Women
2013. okt. 28. Bits from the Release Team, s390 removed from the archive in favour of s390x, now an official service, Debian increases its popularity on web servers

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