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2014. szep. 29. Bits from the release team and Jessie's freeze, reports from DebConf14, DebConf15 dates and fund raising, discussions about OpenPGP, LTS Reports, Cinnamon environment now available in testing, rebuild of Debian using Clang, Debian turns 21 and celebrates, Google Summer of Code
2014. aug. 14. Debian Day 2014, Help needed with ejabberd testing, 2014-Debian Developers per Country, OpenAmbit is now in unstable, Debian Arm64 port at 85%, First steps towards source-only uploads, Check the schedule for DebConf14
2014. júl. 03. Google Summer of Code updates, The first set of talks for DebConf14 have been accepted!, Debian is moving (back) to GLIBC
2014. jún. 09. A logo for DebConf15, hello, MATE!, the Debian Continuous Integration project
2014. máj. 26. ARM64 help wanted, back as, bits from the Debian GNU/Hurd porters
2014. máj. 12. Debian members vote to accept a code of conduct, registration open for DebConf14, SPARC removed from Jessie, promising future for Debian in embedded systems, bits from the Release Team, bits from the systemd + GNOME sprint
2014. ápr. 14. Results of the DPL elections, debsources stats, reports from Mini-DebConf Barcelona, CAcert removed from Debian, discussion of a fully functional RTC/VoIP client for Jessie
2014. már. 31. Debian Installer Jessie Alpha 1 released, Indian federal state of Tamil Nadu adopts Debian derivative BOSS GNU/Linux as official OS, rebuild of the Debian archive with Clang, BeagleBoard shifts to Debian
2014. már. 17. The Supercomputing and Visualization Center of Madrid provides a Debian VPS service, DebConf, past and future, upcoming votes in the Debian Project: DPL elections and a code of conduct, bits from the DPL, bits from the Security Team
2014. már. 03. Debian Technical Committee chooses systemd, Debian selected for Google Summer of Code 2014, DebConf14 organising team needs your help to raise funds, Barcelona Debian Women mini-DebConf

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