Debian-Installer errata

Errata for Stretch Alpha 3

This is a list of known problems in the Stretch Alpha 3 release of the Debian Installer. If you do not see your problem listed here, please send us an installation report describing the problem.

Desktop installations may not work using CD#1 alone
Due to space constraints on the first CD, not all of the expected GNOME desktop packages fit on CD#1. For a successful installation, use extra package sources (e.g. a second CD or a network mirror) or use a DVD instead.
Status: It is unlikely more efforts can be made to fit more packages on CD#1.
Theme used in the installer
There's no Stretch artwork yet, and the installer is still using the Jessie theme, which might be confusing (#793125).
Status: Worked around in Stretch Alpha 3.
Boot menus in multi-arch image
The boot menus of the multi-arch image suffer from some regression: Rescue menus are missing for the 32-bit flavours (#793118).
Status: Fixed in Stretch Alpha 2.
Encrypted installation failures
A regression in partman-crypto makes it impossible to perform encryption installations where settings are not set through preseeding (#793643).
Status: Fixed in Stretch Alpha 3.