Debian-Installer errata

Errata for Stretch Alpha 5

This is a list of known problems in the Stretch Alpha 5 release of the Debian Installer. If you do not see your problem listed here, please send us an installation report describing the problem.

GNOME may fail to start with some virtual machine setups
It was noticed during Stretch Alpha 4 image testing that GNOME might fail to start depending on the setup used for virtual machines. It seems using cirrus as an emulated video chip is fine.
Status: Being investigated.
Booting with grub from an XFS /boot partition fails
Grub might have trouble to boot from an XFS partition due to a feature it doesn't support yet (#802138). At this point, it is recommended to use a separate /boot partition with a different filesystem, which the installer will likely suggest in a later version. The need for this separate partition should disappear once proper support is implemented in grub.
Status: Should be fixed in the Stretch Alpha 5 release.
Desktop installations may not work using CD#1 alone
Due to space constraints on the first CD, not all of the expected GNOME desktop packages fit on CD#1. For a successful installation, use extra package sources (e.g. a second CD or a network mirror) or use a DVD instead.
Status: It is unlikely more efforts can be made to fit more packages on CD#1.
Theme used in the installer
There's no Stretch artwork yet, and the installer is still using the Jessie theme, which might be confusing (#793125).
Status: Worked around in Stretch Alpha 3.
Boot menus in multi-arch image
The boot menus of the multi-arch image suffer from some regression: Rescue menus are missing for the 32-bit flavours (#793118).
Status: Fixed in Stretch Alpha 2.
Encrypted installation failures
A regression in partman-crypto makes it impossible to perform encryption installations where settings are not set through preseeding (#793643).
Status: Fixed in Stretch Alpha 3.