Debian mirrors

Debian is distributed all around the world using mirrors in order to provide users with better access to our archive and to reduce the load on our servers.

If you don't know which mirror to use or your system moves around a lot, you can use the mirror redirector service in your apt sources.list. It dynamically redirects package download requests to the best mirror available based on a number of factors such as mirror availability, location, architecture and freshness. Use this address in your sources.list to use the mirror redirector:

The following Debian archives are mirrored:

Debian packages (debian/)
The Debian package pool -- this includes the vast majority of .deb packages, the installation materials and the sources.
See the list of Debian mirrors that include the debian/ archive.
CD images (debian-cd/)
The repository of CD images: Jigdo files and ISO image files.
See the list of Debian mirrors that include the debian-cd/ archive.
Old releases (debian-archive/)
The archive of old released versions of Debian.
See Distribution Archives for more information.

Information for mirror owners

Debian mirrors are maintained by volunteers, so if you are in a position to donate disk space and connectivity, create a mirror and contribute to making Debian more accessible.

See the pages on setting up a mirror of the Debian archive for more information on methods of mirroring, how to do partial mirroring, when to mirror and more.

You can mirror the Debian archive in part or as a whole — check the mirror size.

You can keep your mirror private, but most people choose to add their mirror site to our database which contains information about all Debian mirrors. This is a good way to make a mirror known, since the users can see it in our mirror lists. Your organization also gets a mention at the mirror sponsors web page.

If there isn't already an official Debian mirror in your country, and your mirror has good bandwidth, you might want it to become an official mirror.

There are two public mailing lists about Debian mirrors, debian-mirrors-announce and debian-mirrors. We encourage all mirror maintainers to subscribe to the announcement list as it will be used for any important announcements. This list is moderated and will receive only a low amount of traffic. The second mailing list is meant for general discussion and is open to all.

Debian mirrors have timestamp files we use to determine how recently they have been updated. Here are some statistics the mirror maintainers provide:

If you have any questions that aren't answered on these web pages, you can contact us at or using IRC, #debian-mirrors on