Official Debian mirrors

Official Debian archive mirrors get an address of the form ftp.<country> These are the best advertised and most used sites; the face of Debian for most people.

List of official Debian archive mirrors


The sponsors of the official mirrors are specially acknowledged on our web pages.


Official mirrors are hosted by selected persons or groups who donate their resources as a service to all Debian users from their country.

Debian depends on information provided by users and mirror maintainers in order to make decisions about the mirror hierarchy. All constructive input regarding existing or missing official mirrors is welcome at or at the debian-mirrors mailing list.

If there isn't already an ftp.<country> for your country, any mirror maintainer can apply for their site to become the official one, provided it meets the criteria outlined below.

In countries where there is already an official mirror assigned, it is still possible to set up more official sites, but only if there is demand for such a thing. In large countries, like the US, and countries with more than one major backbone that aren't well connected, like Australia, it is even a good idea.

Usually, the first site will be given the aliases ftp.<country> and ftp1.<country> Future sites will simply be given an alias of the second type with the number incremented appropriately.


To become an official mirror, a Debian mirror site should meet the following criteria:

Please note that these are just guidelines, but we will be more likely to accept your site as an official mirror if the above conditions are met. It is also generally desirable for the site to have a history of working as described above.

All applications for official sites, including exact information on bandwidth consumption and any limits, should be sent to