Information for Debian Consultants

Policy for Debian's Consultants Page

If you want to be listed as a consultant at the Debian website, then please note the following rules:

If the above criteria are no longer met at some future point, the consultant should receive a warning message that they are about to be removed from the list, unless they fulfill all criteria again. There should be a grace period of four weeks.

Some parts (or all) of the consultant's information can be removed if they don't comply with this policy anymore, or at the discretion of the list maintainers.

Additions, Modifications, and Removals of Entries

If you wish to be added to the list of consultants, please send an email to, in English, providing any of the following pieces of information that you would like to be listed (email address is mandatory, everything else is optional at your discretion):

A request for an update of the consultant's information should be sent to via email, preferably from the address mentioned on the consultants page.