The Community

Debian is a Community of People!

DC22 Group Photo

DebConf22 Group Photo

Debian Reunion Hamburg 2023

Group photo of the Debian Reunion Hamburg 2023

MiniDebConf Brasília 2023

Group photo of the MiniDebConf Brasília 2023

Screenshot Calamares Installer

Screenshot from the Calamares installer

Debian is like a Swiss Army Knife

Debian is like a Swiss Army Knife

People have fun with Debian

Debian people at Debconf18 in Hsinchu really having fun


Who we are and what we do

Our Philosophy

Why we do it, and how we do it

Get Involved, Contribute

How you can join us!


Additional information about the Debian community

The Operating System

Debian is a complete Free Operating System!

Why Debian

What makes Debian special

User Support

Getting help and documentation

Security Updates

Debian Security Advisories (DSA)


Further links to downloads and software