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13.6. 开发

13.6.1. GNOME中 GTK+ 工具

Anjuta (in the anjuta package) and GNOME Builder (in the gnome-builder package) are Integrated Development Environments (IDE) optimized for creating GTK+ applications for GNOME. Glade (in the glade package) is an application designed to create GTK+ graphical interfaces for GNOME and save them in an XML file. These XML files can then be loaded by the GTK+ shared library through its GtkBuilder component to recreate the saved interfaces; such a feature can be interesting, for instance for plugins that require dialogs.

13.6.2. Qt 工具

Qt 中与之等效的应用是 KDE 的 KDevelop (在 kdevelop 软件包中)开发环境,和 Qt Designer (在 qttools5-dev-tools 软件包中)用于设计 Qt 应用程序图形界面。
KDevelop is also a generic IDE and provides plugins for other languages like Python and PHP and different build systems.