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13.5. 网页浏览器

Epiphany 是GNOME 套装中的网页浏览器,使用 WebKit 显示引擎,该引擎是 Apple 为Safari 浏览器开发的。相关的软件包是 epiphany-browser
Konqueror, available in the konqueror package, is KDE's web browser (but can also assume the role of a file manager). It uses the KDE-specific KHTML rendering engine; KHTML is an excellent engine, as witnessed by the fact that Apple's WebKit is based on KHTML. KDE also has a newer browser called Falkon, available in the falkon package. It uses the QtWebEngine.
Users not satisfied by any of the above can use Firefox. This browser, available in the firefox-esr package, uses the Mozilla project's Gecko renderer, with a thin and extensible interface on top.
Firefox 网络浏览器

图 13.11. Firefox 网络浏览器

后来,Debian 也包含了 Chromium 网页浏览器(在 chromium 软件包中)。该浏览器由Google开发,并在短短几年内已成为最受欢迎的浏览器。该浏览器目标是让网络服务更具吸引力,一方面优化浏览器的性能,一方面增加安全性。Chromium 所使用自由版本的代码也用于称为 Google Chrome ™的专有版本。