Debian Java FAQ.

Niels Thykier

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña

Sylvestre Ledru

Shirish Agarwal

Release: 0.57

Date: 2020-07-27


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Debian and Java (Note: some information is not up-to-date). Any changes/corrections to this FAQ are appreciated. Please send them to the Debian Bug Tracking System as described in Section 1.3, “Sending bugs on this FAQ”.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Introduction to this FAQ
1.2. Location of this FAQ
1.3. Sending bugs on this FAQ
1.4. What is Java?
1.5. Where can I ask questions about Java on Debian?
1.6. Complementary information
1.7. Uncovered issues
2. Java Development
2.1. What full-fledged Java development platforms are available in Debian?
2.2. What free platforms are there and how can I contribute?
2.3. Questions on platforms and license concerns
2.3.1. Java 7 and 8
2.3.2. Oracle proprietary JVM
2.4. Making Debian packages for Java programs.
2.4.1. Can the package go into main?
2.4.2. Is there a good example Debian package?
2.4.3. What tools are available to make maintaining a Java packages easier?
2.4.4. Linking package Javadoc to system javadoc.
3. Managing Java (for users and administrators)
4. Java Virtual Machines (JVM)
4.1. What JVMs are available in Debian?
4.2. What Java Compilers are available in Debian?
4.3. What API do these JVMs provide?
4.4. Are there known problems?
4.5. How can I use the proprietary version of the JDK/JRE from Oracle as a Debian package?
4.6. Do I need a JVM to run a Java program in Debian?
5. Java Plugins for Browsers
6. Java Servlets
6.1. How can I make Java servlets work?
7. Java Policy
7.1. Is there a Java policy for Debian?
7.2. Are there holes in the Java Policy?
8. Other Java alternatives for Debian
8.1. Java programs not yet available on Debian