Chapter 8. Other Java alternatives for Debian

Table of Contents

8.1. Java programs not yet available on Debian

If the Java packages provided in Debian are not sufficient for your needs you might need to take a look at other alternatives. Please understand that these alternatives are not supported by the Debian project directly, you might get help, however, from the debian-java mailing list if you encounter issues with them.

Some of the alternatives presented use Debian packages which is convenient, since the user/administrator does not need to care on installation issues. However, mixing packages that come from a source which is not the Debian project might cause conflicts with your installation some times. Of course, Debian tries to integrate as many free software efforts as possible, so some of the alternatives described below might (if license permits) be included in Debian in the near future.

The following are programs that have not yet been packaged for Debian nor is there an installer. There are quite a lot Java programs out there.

A list of missing packages is maintained on the Debian Wiki - Java Packaging Wishlist.