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第 7 章 Debian 的安全机制

7.1. Debian 安全小组
7.2. Debian 安全公告
7.2.1. 漏洞的交叉参考
7.2.2. CVE 兼容性
7.3. Security Tracker
7.4. Debian 安全构建机制
7.4.1. 安全更新的开发指南
7.5. Debian 中对软件包签字
7.5.1. The current scheme for package signature checks
7.5.2. Secure apt
7.5.3. Per distribution release check
7.5.4. Release check of non Debian sources
7.5.5. 可供选种的软包签名方案

7.1. Debian 安全小组

Debian has a Security Team, that handles security in the stable distribution. Handling security means they keep track of vulnerabilities that arise in software (watching forums such as Bugtraq, or vuln-dev) and determine if the stable distribution is affected by it.
Also, the Debian Security Team is the contact point for problems that are coordinated by upstream developers or organizations such as which might affect multiple vendors. That is, when problems are not Debian-specific. The contact point of the Security Team is which only the members of the security team read.
Sensitive information should be sent to the first address and, in some cases, should be encrypted with the Debian Security Contact key (as found in the Debian keyring).
Once a probable problem is received by the Security Team it will investigate if the stable distribution is affected and if it is, a fix is made for the source code base. This fix will sometimes include backporting the patch made upstream (which usually is some versions ahead of the one distributed by Debian). After testing of the fix is done, new packages are prepared and published in the site so they can be retrieved through apt (see 第 4.2 节 “进行安全更新”). At the same time a Debian Security Advisory (DSA) is published on the web site and sent to public mailing lists including and Bugtraq.
其它有关 Debian 安全小组的常见问题可以参阅第 12.3 节 “有关 Debian 安全小组的问题”.