Debian 計劃新聞 - 2008 Index

這裏是西元 2008 年發行的 Debian 每週 Debian 社羣快訊。

2008/12/17 Release Update, General Resolution: Project membership procedures, Better Support
2008/12/02 Etch-and-a-half 安裝映像檔更新, GNU Affero General Public License 獲准進入 Debian main, Security 團隊在埃森的會議
2008/11/19 First release candidate of Debian Installer for Lenny, Debian screenshots service started, Open Use Logo relicensed
2008/11/03 Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated, Debian membership, First Lenny Bug Sprint finished successfully
2008/10/20 Bits from the Debian CD team, Debian, software patents and archive layout, Statistics about usage
2008/10/08 Bits from the DPL, What you can do for Lenny, 500,000th bug reported
2008/09/15 Release Update, Should Security Enhanced Linux be priority 'standard'?, Lenny Upgrade advisor
2008/09/01 Debian Live Lenny Beta1 released, Debian Translations for French and German Reach 100%, Policy for web apps session storage?
2008/08/18 Debian turns 15, 8th annual Debian Conference finished, Freespire 5 to be based on Debian
2008/08/04 Lenny frozen, Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 updated to include support for newer hardware, Schedule for 8th annual Debian Conference announced, Debian Days around the world
2008/07/21 Updates to the Lenny release process, Debian-installer to support loading of external firmwares, Best practice for debug packages
2008/07/07 DebianDay 2008, DPL-initiated teams survey finished, Bits from the testing security team
2008/06/23 Call for new New Maintainer Application Managers, keyring package, Debian powers 32.8 TFlops supercomputer
2008/06/09 Release Update, Lenny Debian Installer Beta-2, Report from LinuxTag 2008, Call for help by the german translation team
2008/05/26 Bits from the DPL, OpenSSL, Perl Transition,, Huge Packages, SANE, Licenses, Enigmail Translations, Debian e-mail Headers, Installer Howto,, Changes in Lenny
2008/05/09 Lenny Release, Google Summer of Code, debimg
2008/04/21 DPL Election, Survey, Release Update, Google Summer of Code, Study, Reliability, Contributions, Feature Requests, FAQ, qmail, Planet Debian, Old Machines, SE Linux, ftp master, Groupware Meeting

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