Status of PO files managed with po4a for language code: ca — Catalan

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2928 strings are translated to this language (from 63200). The packages are in three pools: translations underway, translations uptodate and translations to do.

In each table, packages are sorted according to their popcon score, so that translators can focus on the most popular packages.

Packages for which translation is underway

You can download and translate these PO files, and submit them as bug reports to package maintainers.

Section: main

Package Score File Translator Team
xfce4-terminal 92% (102t;3f;5u)doc/po/ca.poHarald Servatxfce-i18n at xfce dot org
sssd 60% (1055t;31f;660u)src/man/po/ca.poRobert Antoni Buj Gelonch
mkvtoolnix 99% (892t;1f;0u)doc/man/po4a/po/ca.poAntoni Bella Pérezkde-i18n-ca at kde dot org
po4a 59% (879t;106f;496u)po/pod/ca.poJordi VilaltaCA

Packages already translated

Packages already i18n-ed

These packages are translated in other languages, and then could be translated into your own language.

Section: main

apt (887), aptitude (2722), debconf (695), dpkg (2628), shadow (1229), texlive-extra, debianutils (191), base-passwd (41), adduser (223), man-db (388), sensible-utils (13), debian-faq (985), fakeroot (97), apt-listchanges (104), po-debconf (310), debhelper (896), lintian (1148), dctrl-tools, developers-reference (1347), manpages-fr-extra (754), apt-show-versions, devscripts (2902), deborphan (127), kernel-package (278), doc-base (74), debsums (114), amule (252), postgis (168), kicad, schroot (652), fragmaster (42), pdf2djvu (167), darktable, fortunes-debian-hints (49), svn-buildpackage (440), jmol (45), pppconfig (50), camomile (37), camlidl (47), java-gnome, apt-build (85), mtink (106), multistrap (239), python-pysnmp4-mibs (23), debian-history, packaging-tutorial (616), ocamlgraph (26), rlinetd (121), smb2www (46), harden-doc (2480), debarchiver (140)

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