Sponsors of the official Debian mirrors

Country Site Sponsors

Austria ftp.at.debian.org Silver Server
Australia ftp.au.debian.org Western Australian Internet Association
Belgium ftp.be.debian.org Bart Champagne
Bulgaria ftp.bg.debian.org Spectrum NET
Brazil ftp.br.debian.org Center for Scientific Computing and Free Software (C3SL), Universidade Federal do Paraná
Belarus ftp.by.debian.org RUE Beltelecom, MGTS
Canada ftp.ca.debian.org iWeb, National Research Council Canada, Rafal Rzeczkowski, Mountain Cablevision, Tetraplex Limited
Switzerland ftp.ch.debian.org ETHZ, Department of Physics
China ftp.cn.debian.org USTC Network Information Center, University of Science and Technology of China
China ftp2.cn.debian.org Tsinghua University
Czech Republic ftp.cz.debian.org CESNET
Germany ftp.de.debian.org Technical University of Dresden, Dept. of Computer Science
Germany ftp2.de.debian.org RWTH Aachen University
Denmark ftp.dk.debian.org dotsrc.org - Open Source Software Project Hosting
Estonia ftp.ee.debian.org Estonian Informatics Centre
Spain ftp.es.debian.org Hostalia
Finland ftp.fi.debian.org Tampere University of Technology
France ftp2.fr.debian.org Orange Business Services / France Telecom
France ftp.fr.debian.org Proxad, free.fr
United Kingdom ftp.uk.debian.org Hands.com Ltd, RapidSwitch Ltd
Greece ftp.gr.debian.org National Technical University of Athens
Croatia ftp.hr.debian.org CARNet, Croatian Academic and Research Network
Hungary ftp.hu.debian.org Axelero Internet PLC
Ireland ftp.ie.debian.org HEAnet national mirror server
Iceland ftp.is.debian.org Simnet
Italy ftp.it.debian.org Italian Linux Society, I.Net
Japan ftp.jp.debian.org GFD-Dennou Club (地球流体電脳倶楽部), GFD-Dennou Club (地球流体電脳倶楽部), GFD-Dennou Club (地球流体電脳倶楽部), OYU-NET.JP, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi, NARA Institute of Science and Technology
Korea ftp.kr.debian.org Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, SPARCS
Lithuania ftp.lt.debian.org Vilnius University
Moldova ftp.md.debian.org Trabia-Network
Mexico ftp.mx.debian.org Grupo de Modelacion Matematica y Computacional
New Caledonia ftp.nc.debian.org Nautile (ISP)
Netherlands ftp.nl.debian.org Studenten Net Twente, University of Twente
Norway ftp.no.debian.org USIT, University of Oslo, Norway, Uninett
New Zealand ftp.nz.debian.org Citylink Ltd
Poland ftp.pl.debian.org Technical University of Gdańsk
Portugal ftp.pt.debian.org Évora University Computing Services
Romania ftp.ro.debian.org Romanian Education Network Iasi Branch
Russia ftp.ru.debian.org National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI"
Sweden ftp.se.debian.org Academic Computer Club, Umeå University, South Pole AB
Singapore ftp.sg.debian.org mirror.0x.sg
Slovenia ftp.si.debian.org Amis
Slovakia ftp.sk.debian.org GTS Slovakia
El Salvador ftp.sv.debian.org Ministerio de Salud de El Salvador
Thailand ftp.th.debian.org Computer Engineering Department, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
Turkey ftp.tr.debian.org Ankara University
Taiwan ftp.tw.debian.org Computer & Information Networking Center, National Taiwan University
Ukraine ftp.ua.debian.org MHost
United States ftp.us.debian.org Linux Kernel Archives, OSU Open Source Lab, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC)

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