Mirror Size

How big is the Debian archive?

Numbers on this page are updated daily.

Architecture Size in GB
source 64
all 113
amd64 152
arm64 89
armel 99
armhf 107
hurd-i386 31
i386 134
ia64 22
kfreebsd-amd64 84
kfreebsd-i386 80
mips 94
mips64el 49
mipsel 95
powerpc 105
ppc64el 92
s390 19
s390x 110
sparc 21
Total 1560

Note that the archive is constantly growing; testing will grow especially as a release approaches. Also, we do not recommend reducing size of a mirror by excluding specific distributions; exclude specific architectures instead, according to their popularity.

How big is the Debian CD archive?

The CD archive varies greatly across mirrors — the Jigdo files are around 100-150 MB per architecture, while the full DVD/CD images are around 15 GB each, plus extra space for the update CD images, Bittorrent files, etc.

For more information about the CD archive mirroring, please see the Debian CD mirror pages.

How big is the Debian Security archive?

The debian-security archive is around 54 GB.

How big are the regular updates to the mirrors?

For the main Debian archive, please see the graph of the daily run size.