How to donate to the Debian Project

Donations are managed by the Debian Project Leader (DPL) and allow Debian to have machines, other hardware, domains, cryptographic certificates, the Debian conference, Debian mini-conferences, development sprints, presence at other events, etc.

Various organizations hold assets in trust for Debian and receive donations on Debian's behalf. This page lists different methods of donating to the Debian project. The easiest method of donating to Debian is via PayPal to Software in the Public Interest, a non-profit organization that holds assets in trust for Debian.

Organization Methods Notes
SPI PayPal, Click & Pledge, Cheque, Other USA, tax-exempt non-profit
Debian France Wire Transfer, PayPal France, tax-exempt non-profit Wire Transfer, Other Switzerland, non-profit
Debian Equipment, Time, Other

Software in the Public Interest

Software in the Public Interest, Inc. is a tax-exempt non-profit corporation based in the United States of America, founded by Debian people in 1997 to help free software/hardware organizations.


Single and recurring donations can be made via the SPI page on the PayPal website. To make a recurring donation, check the Make this a monthly donation box.

Click & Pledge

Single and recurring donations can be made via the SPI page on the Click & Pledge website. To make a recurring donation, choose how often you would like to donate on the right (Repeat payment), scroll down to Debian Project Donation, enter the amount you would like to donate, click on the Add to cart item, and go through the rest of the process.


Donations can be made via cheque or money order in USD and CAD. Please put Debian in the memo field and send the cheque to SPI at the address listed on the SPI donations page.


Donations via wire transfer and other methods are also available. For some parts of the world it may be easier to make the donation to one of the partner organizations of Software in the Public Interest. For more details, please visit the SPI donations page.

Debian France

The Debian France Association is an organization registered in France under the law of 1901, founded to support and promote the Debian Project in France.

Wire Transfer

Donations via wire transfer are available to the bank account listed on the Debian France donations page. Receipts are available on request; please send an email to


Donations can be sent via the Debian France PayPal page. These can be directed to Debian France specifically or the Debian Project in general. was founded to represent the Debian project in Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Wire Transfer

Donations via wire transfer from both Swiss and international banks are available to the bank accounts listed on the website.


Donations via other methods can be achieved by contacting the donations address listed on the website.


Debian is able to accept donations of equipment, but no other donations at this time.

Equipment and Services

Debian also relies on the donation of equipment and services from individuals, companies, universities, etc. to keep Debian connected to the world.

If your company has any idle machines or spare equipment (hard drives, SCSI controllers, network cards, etc.) lying around, please consider donating them to Debian. Please contact our hardware donations delegate for details.

Debian maintains a list of hardware that is wanted for various services and groups within the project.


There are many ways to help Debian during your free time or working time.


Debian is not able to accept any cryptocurrencies at this time, but we are looking into being able to support this method of donation.