Debian Project Leader

The Debian Project Leader (DPL) is the official representative of the Debian Project. They have two main functions, one internal and one external.

In the external function, the Project Leader represents the Debian Project to others. This involves giving talks and presentations about Debian and attending trade shows, as well as building good relationships with other organizations and companies.

Internally, the Project Leader manages the project and defines its vision. They should talk to other Debian developers, especially to the delegates, to see how they can assist their work. A main task of the Project Leader therefore involves coordination and communication.


The Project Leader is chosen in an election in which all Debian Developers are eligible to vote. The Project Leader's term of office is one year. Six weeks before the leadership post becomes vacant, the Project Secretary initiates a new election. During the first week, any Debian Developer can become a candidate for this post by nominating themselves. The next three weeks are used for campaigning. Each candidate posts their platforms and everyone can direct questions to one or all candidates. The last two weeks consist of the polling period during which developers may cast their votes.

More information about the leader elections are available at the voting pages.

Tasks performed by the Project Leader

Appoint Delegates or delegate decisions to the Technical Committee

The Project Leader may define a specific area of responsibility and delegate it to a Debian developer.

Lend authority to other Developers

The Project Leader may make statements of support for points of view or for other members of the project.

Make any decision which requires urgent action

Make any decision for whom nobody else has responsibility

In consultation with the developers, make decisions affecting property held in trust for purposes related to Debian

The Project Leader may make decisions about how money owned by Debian is to be used.

Contact information

Contact the Debian Project Leader by sending e-mail in English to

About Our Current Leader

The current Debian Project Leader is Andreas Tille.

Past leaders

A complete list of past leaders can be found in the Debian Project History.