Debian Pure Blends

Debian Pure Blends are a solution for groups of people with specific needs. Not only do they provide handy collections (meta-packages) of specific packages, but they also ease installation and configuration for the intended purpose. They cover the interests of different groups of people, who might be children, scientists, gamers, lawyers, medical staff, visually impaired people, etc. Their common goal is to simplify installation and administration of computers for their target audience, and to connect that audience with the people writing or packaging the software they use.

You can read more about Debian Pure Blends in the Pure Blends Manual.

Released Pure Blends

"Released" may have different meanings for different blends. In most cases it means that the blend has metapackages or an installer that was released in a stable release of Debian. Blends may also provide installation media or form the basis of a derivative distribution. See the individual blend pages for more information on that particular blend.

Blend Description Quick Links
Debian Accessibility The goal of Debian Accessibility is to develop Debian into an operating system that is particularly well suited for the requirements of people with disabilities. Metapackages
Debian Astro The goal of Debian Astro is to develop a Debian based operating system that fits the requirements of both professional and hobby astronomers. It integrates a large number of software packages covering telescope control, data reduction, presentation and other fields. Metapackages
DebiChem The goal of DebiChem is to make Debian a good platform for chemists in their day-to-day work. Metapackages
Debian Edu The goal of Debian Edu is to provide a Debian OS system suitable for educational use and in schools. Metapackages
Debian Games The goal of Debian Games is to provide games in Debian from arcade and adventure to simulation and strategy. Metapackages
Debian GIS The goal of Debian GIS is to develop Debian into the best distribution for Geographical Information System applications and users. Metapackages Derivatives
Debian Junior The goal of Debian Junior is to make Debian an OS that children will enjoy using. Metapackages
Debian Med The goal of Debian Med is a complete free and open system for all tasks in medical care and research. To achieve this goal Debian Med integrates related free and open source software for medical imaging, bioinformatics, clinic IT infrastructure, and others within the Debian OS. Metapackages
Debian Multimedia The goal of Debian Multimedia is to make Debian a good platform for audio and multimedia work. Metapackages
Debian Science The goal of Debian Science is to provide a better experience when using Debian to researchers and scientists. Metapackages
FreedomBox The goal of FreedomBox is to develop, design and promote personal servers running free software for private, personal communications. Applications include blogs, wikis, websites, social networks, email, web proxy and a Tor relay on a device that can replace a wireless router so that data stays with the users. Downloads
Hamradio The goal of Debian Hamradio is to support the needs of radio amateurs in Debian by providing logging, data mode and packet mode applications and more. Metapackages Downloads

Upcoming Pure Blends

These blends are works-in-progress and have not yet made a stable release although they may be available in the testing or unstable distribution. Some upcoming pure blends may still rely on non-free components.

Blend Description Quick Links
Debian Design The goal of Debian Design is to provide applications for designers. This includes graphic design, web design and multimedia design.
DebianParl The goal of DebianParl is to provide applications to support the needs of parliamentarians, politicians and their staffers all around the world.


If you're interested in getting involved in the development of Debian Pure Blends, you can find development information on the wiki pages.