Debian Med

Project description

Debian Med is a "Debian Pure Blend" with the aim to develop Debian into an operating system that is particularly well fit for the requirements for medical practice and biomedical research. The goal of Debian Med is a complete free and open system for all tasks in medical care and research. To achieve this goal Debian Med integrates related free and open source software for medical imaging, bioinformatics, clinic IT infrastructure, and others within Debian OS.

Debian Med contains a set of metapackages that declare dependencies on other Debian packages, and that way the complete system is prepared for solving particular tasks. The best overview about Debian Med is given at the tasks page.

For a more in-depth discussion, several talks about Debian Med and Debian Pure Blends in general are available as slides, partly with video recording.

Contact and developer information

The Debian Med mailing list is the central point of communication for Debian Med. It serves as a forum for potential, as well as current, users of the Debian system who want to use their computer for medical tasks. Additionally, it is used to coordinate development efforts around the various topics of Medicine. You can subscribe to and unsubscribe from it using the list web page. You will also find the list archives on that page.

Important places for developer information:

  1. The Wiki page
  2. The Blends page
  3. The Debian Med policy which explains packaging rules in the team
  4. Git repositories of Debian Med packages on Salsa

Included software projects

The Debian Pure Blends system provides an autogenerated overview of all included software of a Blend. Just have a look at the so called tasks pages of Debian Med to learn about all included software and projects which are on our todo list for inclusion into Debian.

Project goals

What can I do to help?

There is a Wiki page containing a list of things which can be done to help the project.

Marketing & PR

Once we have something to show for this project, and indeed even in the formative stages of this project, we are being watched by the eyes of the world. We will necessarily want to work with to get the word out and to help give Debian and this project the kind of exposure we want. For this purpose we will build a collection of slides of talks about Debian Med.