Latest News

[17 Aug 2015] Debian and Software Freedom Conservancy announce Copyright Aggregation Project
[05 Aug 2015] DebConf15 - Debian Conference in Heidelberg
[06 Jun 2015] Updated Debian 8: 8.1 released
[25 Apr 2015] Debian 8 Jessie released
[24 Apr 2015] Join the LTS project to help shape Wheezy and Jessie LTS
[27 Mar 2015] Imagination maintains momentum for Debian MIPS ports
[06 Feb 2015] New Debian security mirror for Asia
[04 Feb 2015] Debian Project mourns the loss of Clytie Siddall
[10 Jan 2015] Updated Debian 7: 7.8 released
[08 Jan 2015] Marvell donation accelerates Debian ARM package builds

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