Debian bug tracking system pseudo-packages

This page lists the pseudo-packages available for use in the Package: line in bug reports.

See the instructions for reporting a bug for details of how to specify a Package: line.

base — (Deprecated; do not assign bugs) Base system general bugs — The bug tracking system, — Problems and requests related to the Debian Buildds — Problems related to building packages for Emdebian — CD Image issues

cdrom — Installation system — Issues involving Debian images for public/private clouds — Issues with the Debian Contributors Website and coordination of maintenance

debian-i18n — Requests regarding Internationalization (i18n) of the distribution

debian-live — General problems with Debian Live systems

debian-maintainers — (Deprecated: do not assign bugs) Problems and requests related to Debian Maintainers — Issues regarding the service and general Debian Installer tasks — Problems with the FTP site

general — General problems (e.g. "many manpages are mode 755")

installation-reports — Reports of installation problems with stable & testing — Issues with the service — The mailing lists, debian-* — Issues with the Debian Manpages Website and coordination of maintenance

mirrors — Problems with the official mirrors — New Member process and webpages — The Debian Package Entropy Tracker — Issues with the service

press — Press release issues

project — Problems related to project administration — The Quality Assurance group — Requests regarding Debian releases and release team tools

release-notes — Problems with the Release Notes — Issues in the operation of the Debian RTC services which are not package-specific bugs — The Debian Security Team

security-tracker — The Debian Security Bug Tracker — Issues with the service

sponsorship-requests — Requests for package review and sponsorship — Problems and requests related to the Debian Single Sign On system — Problems and requests related to the DebConf Summit instance

tech-ctte — The Debian Technical Committee (see the Constitution) — Issues with the Debian Package Tracker and coordination of its maintenance

upgrade-reports — Reports of upgrade problems for stable & testing — Problems with the Debian wiki

wnppWork-Needing and Prospective Packages list — Problems with the WWW site

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