Debian Announces $1000 Grant to Gnome Project

November 30th, 1997

The Debian GNU/Linux Distribution is getting enough donations now that we can support the development of free software. We use most donations for our own work, but some outside projects are worth funding.

Debian is awarding $1000 to the GNOME project (see They are building a GUI desktop for Linux and Unix systems. In addition, we have granted GNOME use of Debian's servers so that they need not spend any of the $1000 on internet services. We chose the GNOME project because:

  1. They are using 100% free software.
  2. They have an excellent design and have shown rapid progress.
  3. They are doing the right thing, and that should be rewarded.

This won't be the last Debian grant. To qualify for support, all of the software used by a project must conform to Debian's Free Software Guidelines. These assure that the software is free for use by anyone, not just Debian.

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