Debian に関するニュース: Live at the BBC?

1998 年 8 月 26 日

ええ、実はライブというわけではないのですが…、Debian が、 にある Newsgathering on the Net という Chris Nuttall の記事の写真に写っています。

Newsgathering on the Net.

By Internet Correspondent Chris Nuttall

As a foreign correspondent, I was always inspired by the quote that people like us were writing the first draft of history. Now I am an Internet correspondent, I have been deservedly humbled by the realisation that even the most crafted online pieces really only amount to the first draft of a story.

Several examples in the past week show that while the Internet can be the source of unfounded rumours and ill-researched stories, it can also repair any such damage, in the end creating something more solid and substantial than is possible in any other medium.