Debian in Print: Databases with Linux

August 26th, 1998

The German book Databases with Linux by Dr. Bernhard Roehrig contains a complete Debian distribution as well as four database systems and examples to experiment with and use as a basis for development. More information can be found at (site is in German).

Databases with Linux [Datenbanken mit Linux]
Adabas — mSQL — Postgres — Yard-SQL
Dr. Bernhard Roehrig

The start of the journey into the Information Age has begun. Those who do not merely want to be there but also want to help define trends must be faster than the others. Above all, they must be in a position to provide information more quickly. This information must be current, well structured, and provided in an appropriate format to the consumer.

The book deals with these issues and shows how to use the Freeware operating system Linux and several Database management systems to provide extremely price effective solutions for local networks and the Internet.

[translated from german. august 25, 1998 nl]