Debian Logo Contest

February 4th, 1999

The Debian project is in the process of looking for a new logo. Currently Debian has a semi-official logo, which can be seen at <../../logos/oldlogo.gif (dead link)>. As a majority of Debian developers are not happy with the current logo, we are searching for a new logo to replace the current one using a GIMP logo contest. Submission information and other details are available at <>.

Debian would like to have two logos: one logo with a very liberal license that everyone is free to use (for example on webpages, shirts, etc.), and a more official logo with a restricted license which can only be used on official Debian items (like CD's produced from the official ISO-images). Please note both license are not finished yet.

Of course it is important to determine what exactly constitutes a logo. The logo should meet the following criteria:

Each submission should consist of 2 logos for the reasons explained above. Details on submissions can be found on the GIMP contest homepage at <>.

The winning logo will be decided on by the Debian developers. Since there are a lot of active developers it may take as long as 3-4 weeks after the end of the contest to decide who the winner is.

The winner will be awarded an email-address at, a CD-set with Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 for the architecture of his/her choice (Alpha, i386, m68k, or Sparc) and ever-lasting fame for creating the Debian logo-set.