Debian Chooses A New Logo

August 26th, 1999

Debian has, as the result of a GIMP Logo contest,, chosen a new logo. The logo was selected by a vote of the Debian developers (see for more information), and the winning entry was submitted by Raul M. Silva of onShore, Inc. and can be seen on the main Debian web pages.

Licenses and conditions for use can be found at

Regarding the selection of his logo (affectionately known as 'the swirl') by the Debian project, Raul said, "I'm very pleased that we're able to give something back to the Debian community. We've been very happy with Debian GNU/Linux, and have been working with it internally and for our clients for a number of years now."

As the winner of the contest, Raul receives a email address as well as a CD of the latest Debian distribution for the architecture of his choice. Debian wishes to thank all of the participants in the contest.

For more information about onShore, Inc. please visit or send mail to