Debian Project at Hispalinux Congress 2001

November 12th, 2001

The Debian Project was invited to take part in the Hispalinux Congress 2001 which takes place from November 15th to 17th. This congress is a yearly community meeting of Spanish users and developers of GNU/Linux and is held in Madrid, Spain.

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A presentation will be given by Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña in which he will demonstrate the tools that are used by the Debian project, such as package pools, CVS servers and our web infrastructure with a special focus on internationalisation of web-published documents.

A seminar will be held in which it is demonstrated how a Debian GNU/Linux system could be hardened with regards to security concerns. Additionally a 'birds of a feather' session will give developers and users a chance to discuss issues regarding Debian and exchange GnuPG fingerprints.

We invite all interested people to attend this conference, meet Debian developers and users, exchange GnuPG fingerprints, discuss various topics on Debian and Free Software, and otherwise participate in our vibrant community.

Another congress is going to take place in the Netherlands at the end of this month.