Notícies de 2011

[2011-11-02] DebConf12 Nicaragua dates confirmed
[2011-10-08] Updated Debian 6.0: 6.0.3 released
[2011-10-01] Updated Debian GNU/Linux 5.0: 5.0.9 released
[2011-09-18] Upcoming point releases and call for test
[2011-08-16] Debian Community celebrates its 18th birthday
[2011-07-30] DebConf11 ends as another success for the Debian Project
[2011-07-29] New beowulf cluster at EDF (200 Tflops) based on Debian 6.0 Squeeze
[2011-07-26] Debian 7 Wheezy to introduce multiarch support
[2011-07-26] Better video coverage during DebConf, thanks to our sponsors!
[2011-07-25] DebConf 11 started
[2011-07-12] Debian invites you to Debian Day
[2011-07-09] Community Distribution Patent Policy FAQ now available
[2011-07-03] Debian at several conferences
[2011-06-25] Updated Debian 6.0: 6.0.2 released
[2011-06-23] Debian moves to LibreOffice
[2011-06-17] New round of Debian IRC Training Sessions
[2011-06-04] Government of Republika Srpska to support upcoming DebConf11
[2011-05-25] Debian announces Chinese Mirror
[2011-05-15] DebConf "Newbies"/Non-Regulars Funding Initiative
[2011-05-12] DNS security extensions now available for Debian's zone entries
[2011-05-11] Debian Project at LinuxTag 2011
[2011-05-02] Debian Women Offers Building Packages from Source Tutorial
[2011-04-27] Cease and desist orders for distributing Debian is a prank
[2011-04-26] Welcome to our 2011 Debian Google Summer of Code students!
[2011-04-23] The Debian Project mourns the loss of Adrian von Bidder
[2011-04-08] DebConf11 call for contributions
[2011-04-01] The Canterbury Project
[2011-03-30] Debian welcomes student applications for Google Summer of Code 2011
[2011-03-29] Fixed ISO images for Debian 6.0.1 released
[2011-03-25] Nicaragua to host Debian Developer Conference 2012
[2011-03-19] Updated Debian 6.0: 6.0.1 released
[2011-03-18] Debian Derivatives Exchange project launched
[2011-03-04] Debian wins two of seven categories at the Linux New Media Awards 2011
[2011-03-02] Debian announces first South American Security Mirror
[2011-02-23] Meet Debian at CeBIT 2011
[2011-02-15] Debian volatile replaced by new updates suite
[2011-02-09] Debian Archive Signing Key to be changed
[2011-02-06] New look for Debian's websites
[2011-02-06] Llançament de Debian 6.0 Squeeze
[2011-01-26] Debian Project at several conferences and trade fairs
[2011-01-24] Debian derivatives census
[2011-01-22] Updated Debian GNU/Linux: 5.0.8 released
[2011-01-13] Debian Installer 6.0 Release Candidate 1 published

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