DebConf makes in-roads in Central America

July 16th, 2012

This year's DebConf in Managua took Debian to a new part of the world which is too little visited by major Free Software events, allowing the project to reach out to new contributors and learn new perspectives, as well as to continue its hard work towards the next stable release of Debian.

The conference brought together around 200 attendees from 32 countries, and helped many people make their first steps in contributing to Debian, including a large number of enthusiastic new volunteers from countries in Central America.

98 talks were given, with highlights including:

DebConf12 was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity for the local community to relate closer to the project, the community and the philosophy behind Debian says Leandro Gómez, from the local team for DebConf12. This year's conference will definitely bring new contributors for the Debian project from the Central American region.

Gaudenz Steinlin from the DebConf team said: I'm very impressed with this year's team of local and Debian organizers who worked together to produce this vital event in Debian's calendar. I'm excited to welcome everyone again in Switzerland next year.

DebConf in 2013 will be held in Le Camp, Vaumarcus, Switzerland which will again be a great opportunity to advance the development of Debian.

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